One of the most consistent and destructive stress factors for individuals and businesses alike is poor communication. Communication is the bridge that connects where you are at now, to where you need to go. The structure and integrity of this connector is what determines your success in getting there.

Many situations can become self-sabotaging when they simply need a suitable framework to stabilise and facilitate productivity.Good communication holds the key to creating synergies which promote a more productive environment that increases personal and corporate growth. The art of effective communication demonstrates an authority that attracts and builds.

With 15 years of intensive training with some of the very best psychologists and communications experts, it is my delight to share these wisdom and learnings that have not just changed my life, but have greatly assisted many individuals and organisations too.

It is my joy to partner with individuals and organisations to reach their desired goals and equip them with useable tools that last a lifetime.

Corporate communications

If your company is experiencing difficulties in conflict resolution, we can help!

Communication issues are often the root cause of poor productivity, low morale and interpersonal friction, and can dramatically affect individual and corporate performance.

Within a balancing framework, we help create a communications structure and culture to help facilitate growth for you, your employees and your clients.

we specialise in

Navigating conflict effectively

Facilitating productive confrontation

Creating boundaries that protect growth

Developing the art of attracting connection

De-escalating stress

Cultivating effective interrelations

EQ (emotional intelligence) development

Expanding your sphere of Influence


One of my greatest challenges resulted in the most productive outcomes. A company was subject to a takeover and the demands on the new management team were hugely exacerbated by the fractured conditions the encountered in the business, which ultimately led to a serious breakdown with the team.

We started at ground level, establishing the safe, healthy foundations of a culture of trust and respect within which failure was valued as feedback and became one of the keys to success. Over the following months the team flourished: productivity reached the highest levels on record; staff were working as a team; innovation flourished; and work projects exceeded all expectations.

Individual communications

Sometimes we need an outside perspective to see the way out of the maze of communication with all of its inherent frustrations and potential confrontations.

One of the most destructive belief systems is in the lie “that you are alone and things will not change”. We believe there is always a solution to navigate the complexities of life. By recognising & valuing your unique identity we help create a system that cultivates your personal growth with those you value.

Communication is one of life’s base essentials and we are here to make sure you sustain your journey fully equipped to get where you need to go. Our adaptable methods meet you where you are at and cultivate your growth whilst fuelling what makes you come alive. We want to see you live the Legacy you desire to leave!



A number of employees with very high IQs, and some diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, had great difficulty communicating and navigating the constant changes and consequent conflicts that were arising at work.

The communication framework and techniques we developed enabled them to embrace what they loved – in fact, they applied the tools we developed for them with such vigorous enthusiasm, they had to be asked not to work so hard and take time off as they were so highly motivated!

Focusing on building interdependent frameworks meant they would continue to grow without the need for further facilitation. It is my greatest pleasure to hear of the continued flourishing of such organisations or individuals after I am gone, not only applying but adapting and owning the skills they have learned. 

How can we help you improve your communications?

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