It is imperative to present your story effectively for a lasting impact that can gain momentum over time. I often come across genius ideas that sadly fall short in how they are presented and too many hidden talents which have been lost in translation. 

Presentation is the glue that establishes connection and sustains development.


A top acting and dialect coach in London wanted to know my secret to creating such a profound atmosphere that it drew the audience in.

I spent many years breaking down my methods in a way that anyone can learn with ease and, in this growing world of empowered communication, I am delighted to extend that invitation to you!

Using a platform I have built with the help of other great influencers, I was able to identify this simple key to effective presentation skills:

In recognising and giving permission to an individual’s identity a natural growth response is stimulated, which is augmented by specialised techniques for specific platforms.

By 2001, due to the growing success of students and clients, I found myself turning down 7 teaching jobs a week, with some of the best film & theatre schools in London, Ireland and California.

I witnessed performances excelling and standards improving across the board. In recent years I have applied these techniques to help people launch their careers in broadcasting, business, public speaking, politics & advertising – with great success.


If you have individuals who are falling short of their goals in connecting with clients, it may be that their presentations skills are failing them.

In an emotionally and technologically evolving world, advertising, social media and other platforms demand increasingly effective communications to stand out and deliver the right messages in a memorable and responsive way. Despite these expectations and the often complex language associated with communicating across different platforms, with the right training and practice in presentation, your staff will soon be communicating in a highly productive manner.

We specialize in 

Simple yet effective tools

Easy to digest & remember

Psychological & practical techniques

Tried & tested methods

Bringing the best from each individual


Fun & adaptive learning

Improved performance & results

For pitches, interviews, meetings & screen

case study one

A talented consultant lost his job due his inability to connect with clients whilst presenting to them.

I was able to evaluate his hidden gifts and help him frame how to best present his story. He is now experiencing great success with a host of new clients.


If you are building your own business and overwhelmed by social media demands or needing to learn how to present yourself more confidently and effectively, we would love to facilitate that journey for you.

We have yet to meet a person that did not have the ability to shine given the right help. Confidence is a learnable quality and we aim to have you walking with a deep sense of identity that you carry through life.

We are experts in a myriad of techniques


physicality and voice techniques that attract

communicating for camera

effective platform presentation

Interview & pitch with impact

Gestures that attract & not distract

how clothing affects your audience

using sound, lighting & angles to your advantage


holding the audience's attention


I trained a young woman in broadcasting, only to discover a year later she had applied those skills to start her own business, which she did with such confidence that it soon became an unqualified success.

We would be delighted to partner with you to tell your story more effectively

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