Jessica collaborates with a variety of specialised consultants to develop the best care packages for her clients. Having researched in depth with the help of Psychologists,  Marketing Directors, CEOs and Financial Directors, her programmes and care packages have an in-depth  approach to facilitate the unique needs of both individuals and corporate development.

Corporate Consulting

An advertising director once told me that he saw a dramatic increase in stress related illness in the work place and would account a huge amount of loss in company funds due to sick leave payments. In a fast evolving world comes more demand. This needs to be navigated with wisdom and care.

I have found the companies that have the greatest sustainable success have cultivated a camaraderie & loyalty amongst staff and clients. The identity of the company and individuals are what forge the most effective connections. Forming trustworthy communication that is presented authentically with skill is what will naturally build momentum on productivity.

It is one of man’s greatest instinct to be productive, so we work with the utmost care to facilitate and cultivate growth.

How we can help
your organisation

  • Effective communication infrastructures for clients and employees
  • Specialised presentation skills for media & meetings
  • Identity awareness & Emotional Intelligence development
  • Stress management & conflict resolution

Let us help you grow your business

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Personal Consulting

We all need support. Life is filled with unexpected curve balls. In a world where the growing demands of social media and customer engagement are driving the need to appear confident and trustworthy, it can often seem like juggling more balls than one person can handle to attain our desired outcomes.

The keys to building momentum toward your desired goals start with knowing yourself and how to communicate effectively what’s going on for you in a way that can be digested well by others. Establishing your identity and connecting effectively is what we are here to help facilitate.

How we can help you

  • Find a clear sense of identity
  • Cultivate productive personal relations
  • Deal with conflict effectively
  • Discover how powerfully the right communication connects productively
  • Present yourself with confidence & efficiency
  • Make a lasting impact

Let us help you connect and communicate

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Initial appointments take approximately 1hr15mins.


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